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Italy Debates The Definition Of “Family”…A Half-Century Too Late

Last Thursday, Italy’s Senate began deliberations on the question of “civil unions.” I can’t help but wonder if the Italian people and even the Church are wasting their time bickering over the question of homosexuality’s role in defining the family, even as the basic family unit is collapsing in Italy and throughout Europe. In Italy – as in the rest of “Christendom” – the family was destroyed long ago and by forces that have nothing whatsoever to do with homosexuality or same-sex relationships. Rather, it was destroyed by selfishness, laziness, cultural apathy and, above all, antagonism to, and resentment of, traditional Judeo-Christian religious values. Read

End of Life Decision Making

You check into a hospital for a routine procedure. They ask you if you have a living will. You say no. They slide a form in front of you with simplistic questions such as: Do you want to be resuscitated if you go into cardiac arrest? Do you want mechanical ventilation if you are unable to breath? Do you want nutrients and fluids supplied to your body if you’re unconscious? Your gut tells you the questions are superficial. What should you do? Read

Should Sperm Donation Be Anonymous?

A couple made up of two women chose a ‘qualified,’ though anonymous, semen donor, profiled as being an eloquent, mature, healthy, intelligent man, to be the father of their child. Almost seven years later, they found that the donor was schizophrenic, left university before graduating and had just been accused of robbery. Furthermore, his picture had been modified to remove a large mole from his face. This donor is the biological father of at least three dozen children… Read

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