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Child Custody Unhinged

A New York State Supreme Court justice recently granted three adults shared custody of a 10-year-old boy. It seems that the biological father and his wife had an ongoing romantic relationship with a female neighbor, who conceived and bore the child; the married couple later divorced, and the two women now live together. When “contemporary forms of the family” crash into the lives of small children, what is a judge to do? Read

Gender Ideology and Sexual Diversity: Feelings Trumping Reason

Today, the Virginia Supreme Court is hearing the Lafferty, et al. v. School Board of Fairfax County transgender bathroom case. Further north, the New Hampshire legislature is now following in the footsteps of bills in New Jersey and California that would ban sexual reorientation therapy for children, and a toy company is unveiling a transgender doll to market to our children. Such emotive activism attempting to legitimize gender ideology and limit the rights of others who do not agree, abounds. But, there are good things happening, too… Read

Porn Harms: Law and Science Reflect Natural Truth

In an overwhelming (82-8) bipartisan vote, the Virginia House of Delegates approved a measure earlier this month recognizing that pornography leads to societal and individual harms, joining Utah and South Dakota as states that are recognizing pornography’s adverse effects. While religious groups have long recognized the destructive impact of pornography, and the sciences have begun documenting this phenomena increasingly over the past several years, it is significant that another legislature is seeing the need to codify this truth. Read

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