Morning of the Stem Cell Revolution

christian.jpgImagine a day when patients suffering from tuberculosis could go down to a hospital and trade in their diseased windpipes for a brand-spanking-new model custom built from their own cells and live free of the disease.  Or where parents of congenitally brain damaged children could purchase a blood transfusion cocktail that would unlock the world of mental normality for their beloved children.  Or where heart-attack victims could receive cardiac injections of miracle cells that not only would heal their damaged heart muscle, but also stimulate new blood vessel growth in their hearts and reduce scar tissue from the injury?  Say ‘good morning’ to the stem cell revolution because that day has begun.  I should be more precise: the ADULT stem cell revolution HAS BEGUN.  Remarkably, these are not the dreams of some distant future but the treatments and possibilities opening before us right now. Read